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Welcome to Samara Region!

We invite you to visit the Samara region situated in the midstream of the great Volga river and lies on its left and right bank. The region area is 53,6 thousands square kilometers with the population of 3 200 000 people. The climate of the region is defined as moderately continental. The long-term average annual temperature is +4,20 С. The snow cover duration per year is 143 days. The Samara region has rich fertile chernozem soil. In our region Samara Bend peninsula is situated. It is a unique place formed by the bend of the beautiful Volga river and Usinski bay of Kuibyshev water storages. Curious terrain forms, peculiar microclimate, beautiful mountains, a blue necklace of Volga frame, unique flora and fauna has acquired a world fame for Samara Bend. It includes National Park and Zhiguli Preserve. Relict and endemic forms and kinds of plants are preserved in Samara Bend. 30 % of the whole park make a conservation area, and the rest of the territory is open for visitors.

Samara region has large mineral reserves. The main ones are oil and associated gas. The favourable geographical position contributed to the transformation of the Samara region into a powerful transport and industrial hub. The post-war years, when the city was close for the mass tourist visits, allowed making a powerful aerospace industry. It has made Samara the real cosmic capital of the country.

Large cities of the Samara region are Samara, Togliatti, Syzran’, Novokuibyshevsk, Zhigulevsk.

Samara city is the regional center of the Samara region. It is an amazing and beautiful city located at the confluence of the great Russian Volga river and a steppe beauty, Samara river. The roots of Samara city are lost in antiquity. A legend has it that in 1357 the Metropolitan of Moscow and of All Russia, Alexiy, was coming back from the capital of the Golden Horde. There he had cured the beloved wife of Khan from blindness. On his way he visited a monk living in Samara tract in reclusion on the high bank of the river. Admiring the beauty of the place, the saint predicted the appearance of the great city "in which a piety will shine, and this city will not be ruined forever". In 1586 Samara was founded as a fortress by Grigory Zasekin after Tsar Fyodor Ioanovich ordinance to protect shipping near the town and the borders of the future Russian state. On the 1st of January in 1851 Samara became the capital of the new province. Samara was a real merchant town. Here merchants were engaged in a lot of charity work, building churches, hospitals and almshouses. During the Great Patriotic War, the city became the backup capital of the USSR. The government, foreign embassies and journalists were moved here. It was here that on the 7th of November in 1941 one of the three military parades of the country took place. Today Samara is a big cultural, tourist, transport, scientific, industrial and administrative center of the Samara region and around the Volga region. The population of Samara city is about 1 million 200 thousand people. The city stretches along the Volga for 60 km.

The second most populous city in the region is Togliatti. It is located on the left bank of the Volga river, opposite to the Zhiguli mountains. The population is 712 600 people. The town of Stavropol (the previous name) was founded in 1737 by Vasily Tatishchev as a fortress to protect Russian lands from nomads, as well as to resettle baptized Kalmyks. In the XIX and early XX centuries it was known in Russia as an affordable health resort and kumiss-cure institution. In 1953-1955 the town was moved to higher grounds as the old one was flooded to create the Kuibyshev water storages. In 1964 it has got the name of the Italian communist Palmiro Togliatti. In the 1970s there was a sharp increase in population due to the construction of automobile VAZ plant, which is the main enterprise till nowadays.

We believe that everyone will enjoy interesting, fun and informative vacation in Samara. Welcome!

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